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In April of this year, The Royal College of Physicians released a study that stated electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. In May, The FDA followed this study with regulations that could wipe out small business in this industry and potentially cause a billion people to die of smoking related illnesses, due to over reaching regulations and their insistence to ignore science. Forbes magazine headlines, “The FDA’s Deadly censorship of Lifesaving E-cigarettes Information”


Forbes also states, “FDA Assigns Zero Value To Smokers Who Die Because Of Its E-Cigarette Regulations”

Deadly.  Die. These words are absolutely accurately indicative of what will happen if the FDA deeming regulations go through as written. A billion lives this century is projected to be lost due to tobacco related illnesses and these regulations will see those deaths through.

If allowed to go through, these regulations would only be financially obtainable by large corporations, such as big tobacco, and potentially only offered in a convenience store/general store environment, leaving out the human touch of education, support and dedication the small business owner gives to each and every person, which keeps them successful. Many products that have kept people successful will also not be available. This aspect was ignored when writing these regulations, and in essence, will essentially push all back to smoking, as I have never encountered that type of support in a general store setting, which is largely where these products will be available if the FDA is successful.

On October 22, 2016,  a collection of individuals, business owners, consumers, mothers, fathers, aunts, sisters, uncles, brothers and the like, gathered together in every state across the country to form a wall by joining hands to protect A Billion Lives. This wall signifies our stand against the FDA regulations. It encourages individuals to educate themselves, their media, their legislative representatives and their neighbors about the truth of electronic cigarettes and the deaths that will follow if these alternatives are not supported in their city, state and country and especially by the FDA. 95% of businesses across the US are estimated to close, with an estimated loss of 36,000-57,000 jobs. BUT… most importantly…..A BILLION LIVES …. a billion lives are at stake and we are powerless to stop it.

Join us, help us, write about us, and send pictures, blog, tweet, post, record or encourage people to see the movie . Do whatever you can to help us spread this message. To help us protect a billion lives.


We are not big tobacco. OCTOBER 22, 2016. We were there. WE STOOD UP and stood SILENTLY, Hand in hand.. to build a wall to protect A Billion Lives.

Location and participation information is HERE



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  1. I cannot help you because I am in the UK and as I have limited mobility I cannot stand up..I could sit on a chair though if you come here. We rely on US for supplies so UK vapors need you badly. I am sitting here with tears coursing down my face. Vaping is saving my life. I am sure of it. Please stand up to the corruption of the FDA. These lives need saving!

    1. Miss Frances, You made my day and one of the reasons we want this movement to work so badly. God willing this will make a statement and I thank you immensely for your support! You are an inspiration to us all!


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